My Canadian month that was…..

Alright, So I know I have been MIA for almost two months now….

But I PROMISE I have a GOOD reason

I’ve been on a FABULOUS one month holiday to CANADA, with a little stop in at disneyland on the way home!

I know, I know “I’ve been on holidays” is not the best excuse, so I thought I would show you a couple of pictures so you could fully understand why I was so distracted

The scenery in Canada is incredible!

I am a firm believer that snow makes everything look prettier!! 

I mean check out the cubby house behind me……



Now I wasn’t only site seeing and playing in snow covered cubby houses…..

There was ALOT of snow boarding involved


And boy oh boy had I forgotten just how much of a workout it could be!





Lucky we took a “few” breaks to take pretty pictures and “give my legs a rest”

I even went on a magic carpet ride 😉


And check out the village at Sunpeaks…..

Isn’t it the cutest thing ever!! 


I also made a new friend…..

And isn’t he a LOOKER



But ALAS I had to say goodbye to my snowman friend…..

Because I was off to visit my sister in LakeLouise




And we went ice skating on the actual lake! 

Which by the way had an ice castle……Incredible






Now let me tell you how “good” we were at ice skating…

“total naturals” I would call us 😉

you would have killed yourselves laughing if you were there!


And this is me….carrying my ice-skates (I had given up on wearing them after 15 minutes) out on the middle of the lake!


The amazing Chateau at Lake Louise…..With the ski fields in the background


And of course a visit to the FROZEN waterfall!!


Never in my wildest dreams did i think it would be this beautiful in canada…..


or that the sky could be so blue! 


I know your all thinking ENOUGH of the pictures already…..and what exactly does this have to do with design??? 

Well the truth is this post has NOTHING to do with design…..

But don’t worry… holiday wasn’t only snowboarding, scenery, and building snowmen!

In my next post I will show you some of the amazing houses that I came across in my travels!

you won’t be disappointed 😉

On another note though…. if any of my readers happen to be from Canada and have some amazing photo’s themselves…..feel free to send them my way, because I am SO in LOVE with your country and want to see more!

or a design job….. because I’d move there in a heartbeat 😉

Have a great day everyone




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