My crazy Chandelier Love

I have an unspoken Love for Chandeliers, always have…..

must be my inner girliness coming out again

I particularly LOVE them over dining tables!

It’s such a dramatic look, not to mention is totally amazing!

I mean Who wouldn’t want to eat their dinner under a magnificent chandelier…..

extreme princess moment right there 😉


This incredible dining room Chandelier spotted at TimelessLiving ….. I would love to have my dinner sitting under it!


This creation found at Envers has to be one of my favourite Chandelier dining rooms….. The Chandelier, the chairs…… there is just so much amazingness to look at in one room! 


It’s a common belief that in-order to have a chandelier in your home, you MUST have high ceilings….

9fcfbf5f1662fc5b1d513aec63f9928dPhoto from villapaprika

Whilst this remains true if you were planning to put a chandelier in your entry away, or living room…….just to make sure you don’t hit your head.

mind you thats not something I will ever have to worry about… even when wearing heels 😉

Butttt……. a chandelier over your dining table is a sneaky way of making it “work” with a regular ceiling height, as they should hang around 60″ to 66″ above the dining room floor!

And here are a couple more Chandelier inspiration pictures…….

I particularly LOVE how these designers have put a modern spin on a “vintage style piece” the Chandelier! 



Photo from Adoreyourplace

Hope you all enjoyed seeing my love of Chandeliers as much as I enjoyed sharing it 🙂



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