Choosing a style and Sticking to it!!




Now I am shocking at this….. Choosing a particular style for my house and sticking to it!

I just come across so many amazing styles and “looks” and I wish I could have EVERY SINGLE ONE in my house!


But self control is key here….

and trust me sticking to your style is important!!

whilst you can have an eclectic mix of things, which is fantastic, and items that have a special meaning to you…. to many different styles in one can just look messy and confusing!

And right now I am confused…..

Because I love love love this wall mural

Look at it! isn’t it fantastic??



And its not even real wood!

But alas, I can’t have it….. this is the part where I learn self control!

For starters it wouldn’t really “go” well with the style of my house

And second, I am currently renting and I’m not sure the owner would be happy if I covered her walls in wallpaper!

But if you would like this fantastic Wallpaper it is on sale at And I will just have to Keep On Dreaming!

Happy Wednesday Everyone!




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