2014 At a Glance

I know its a little late… but Happy New Years everyone!

The last 3 weeks have been absolutely manic for me, I do love the festive season, however working in retail means you don’t REALLY get to sit back and enjoy it. Nonetheless I still had a great time… and this year AKA last year 😉 we had Christmas day annnnd BOXING DAY OFF!!


Now that said I am just so excited for 2014…

I have so many projects to start/complete

and a design course to finish….

It’s going to be a great year!


I have started a little refurb on this amazing chest of drawers for my wardrobe room….. (yes you heard right wardrobe room, a little luxury that I have, I will be so lost the day I have to give it up…..like when children come on the cards, lucky for me and my wardrobe room its a long way off!)


Annnnd my old fashioned rocking chair is getting a facelift also……

Isn’t it sweet?

The wardrobe room looks so shabby chic at the moment, and I want to change it up a little!


Then there is this absolutely STUNNING furniture set…….

This is going to be my favourite refurb of 2014!

I cannot wait to get started on this one…. unfortunately for me I can’t keep one of the chairs for myself and will be selling the finished products…… which is great news for anyone who is as in LOVE with these chairs as I am!

Now you know what I will be up to this year… and why I am just SO DARN EXCITED about 2014…

Off to work I go, Have a great Sunday everybody!


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