Bookshelf Makeover

When you first move out you tend to accumulate a bunch of furniture that doesn’t quite match


And like my dining table makeover (which you can read about here I also thought to give my bookshelf a new life instead of buying a new one!


you see…. it just fit in the corner of my lounge room perfectly….and I really cant help myself when it comes to painting furniture 


This is it pre makeover



It was just so “brown” and really made the colour of my lounge stand out also….



see what a splash of white paint can do… it just brightens the whole entire space.

Not to mention it now matches my dining table, which is important because my lounge, kitchen and dining are all in one big open space like most new homes are set out…..

Another before photo



Annnnd After up close



As our home is only a rental at the moment, we can’t really change anything structurally or paint the walls….

which I would love love love to do….and grey would be my colour of choice, not that I have thought about it or anything 😉 

So a nice coat of paint on some old furniture can really change the look of the entire room…. it doesn’t have to be white, it could be any colour of your choice, you could even go all out with a hot pink if it’s the look your going for.

Thanks for joining me in my bookshelf makeover 




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