Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas


Christmas is my absolute favourite time of year…..

I love the decorations, the fairy lights, and most of all the delicious leg ham!!

My colour scheme is the same as the year before but with just a “little more” decorations this time around

Literally Christmas decorations will be in every single part of my house, its taking over but I love it!!!








And this is only my dining room and lounge room…. wait till I finish off the Entire house!

And this is my tree…. closeup so you can all marvel in the decorations….aren’t they beautiful (I secretly wish I could have Christmas all year round)



And just incase you haven’t seen it enough already…..

One more of my tree


Love the blue, red and silver…..

but next year I’m thinking metallic’s, all things Gold, Silver, and Bronze

I really should try to get through this silly season before I start thinking of the next one 😉

Merry Christmas everyone…. hopefully I have inspired you in your own christmas decorating 


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