My dining table remodelled


When we first moved into our house 2 years ago my lovely in-laws were kind enough to give us some furniture…dining table included.

After a year or so, as we accumulated more furniture to fill our 4 bedroom house, it all started to look a bit mismatched…..

andddd well that bothered me.

So I thought, why not paint it all white?

I started with the dining table, not thinking at the time to take a before picture

But I can give you a general idea of what it looked like…

It was a wicker dining table and the chairs had orange seat covers, whilst I liked it… just wasn’t my colour



The only picture of the table top I have is from christmas last year



It took a few coats of undercoat made for laminate surfaces to get the white paint to stick

And a few weeks of not having a dining room table

but now I just love it!! 





And a closeup of the chairs, which are by far my favourite part of my new dining table!!





and again…. I just love the fabric



Now the area just looks clean and fresh! (keeping it clean is another matter entirely)

The only thing missing is something for my dining room wall…..decorating your home is always a work in progress 

But I think you can’t go past white furniture to freshen up the look of your home! 




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