It’s that crazy time of year

The Last few days at work were hectic to say the least….

With Summer on it’s way we were required to give our store a “mini facelift” This happens four times of year, at the start of every season to keep the store looking fresh and new.

Normally this task is big, but add four christmas display’s to the mix and this mini facelift becomes enormous!

Despite how enormous the job was…. boy oh boy do i find it rewarding at the end…..normally once I am at home with a cold glass of wine in my hand 😉

And it constantly amazes me at how moving around the display’s can make older stock look like brand new items to customers and even staff.

My favourite display facelift has been Urban Raw

Here are a few little snip-its of the different shelves in the display….









And…… here is the overall display….



Dont mind the hanging tree branch and christmas flowers in-front, they are part of the christmas table in the window…. more about that next week 🙂

There is so much stock in this display that i would just love to put in my house…if only I lived in a mansion with 25 bedrooms, a girl can dream right?

Hope your all having a great relaxing day 🙂


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