Sophisticated Style

  This look Just screams sophistication to me…. even though that doesn’t make sense because if it were sophisticated it wouldn’t be caught dead screaming But you get what I mean right? Black, White and Beige…. So SIMPLE yet so … Continue reading

Chair Inspiration

I have literally not been able to stop thinking about these Absolutely Fantastic chairs on my To Do list for 2014….which I wrote about here These Chairs are just AMAZING   So amazing that I am even dreaming about what … Continue reading

A Peacock Inspired Christmas

I had a little brainwave at work of Friday that all started from an empty dining table in our front window, and a beautiful tropical looking table runner….. And then it grew with silver and white twigs in vases and … Continue reading

Bookshelf Makeover

When you first move out you tend to accumulate a bunch of furniture that doesn’t quite match   And like my dining table makeover (which you can read about here I also thought to give my bookshelf a new life instead … Continue reading